About us

Decripto World is an innovative start-up accredited by the Federico II University of Naples, present in the Campania New Steel incubator at Città della Scienza (Coroglio, Naples).

We deal with analysis and data intelligence on any type of blockchain, combining it with analysis on open sources.

Decripto verifies and certifies such data and performs in-depth investigations starting from on-chain and off-chain data.

Decripto, in Italy, is the only company able to do this kind of reporting, covering personal wallets and entire projects on the Blockchain, including tokens, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and any kind of transactions and smart contracts, in order to create a special report called: Press Audit.

Decrypto analyzes on-chain fund flows and combines them with online and offline (OSINT) data.

With the analyses of on-chain fund flows, Decripto is able to identify the real presence of funds, their path, their origin (whether licit or illicit), magnitude, currency, transactions, up to their possible blocking, through issuing entities or centralized exchanges.

This allows us to quickly ascertain the soundness of a project or the credibility of a company.

Our expertise, databases, and tools are often requested by law enforcement, prosecutors’ offices, and law firms looking for information present on the blockchain that they are unable to consult independently.

Blockchain technology enables exceptional “follow-the-money” activity, as magistrate Giovanni Falcone, to whom our project is dedicated, used to say.