For scam victims

Analysis for online scam victims: find out where your money went

If you have fallen victim to a scam and lost your cryptocurrencies, purchase our report to verify where your money is.
With our service, you will receive a detailed “follow the money” investigation to attach to your report to law enforcement.

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Request forensic and tax reports from Decripto World

What you will receive
  • Forensic Report “Follow the Money”: we tell you where your money went and if it is recoverable.
  • Tax Report to be attached to the tax return.
  • Vademecum: a simple guide on how to read and use the reports.
  • Assistance: you can request help and advice from our staff at any time.
  • Expert Witnesses: we become expert witnesses during possible trials.
  • The reports will be sent to you within 72 hours (first the tax report and then the forensic report)
  • Reports can be requested in any language at no extra charge
Why is a report the first step to take?

With our report, you will increase the chances that your complaint will not be dismissed, providing law enforcement with all the necessary references to acquire important certified and useful information for the investigation.

Rely on the Italian leaders in Blockchain Analysis to find out where your money went.

How much does the report cost?

The cost of our report ranges from a minimum of €179 to over €4.470,00, depending on the amount lost. This factor is crucial in determining the necessary work to trace your money.

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